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What Makes Our Mold Removal Process Your Best Option?

You Get the Efficacy & Quick Turnaround That Only Our Patented Dry Fog System Can Deliver


Treat 1000X the Surface Area


Reduce the Cost & Inconvenience of Demolition


Ensure the Safety of Occupants and Pets

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed:  We are one of more than 100 locations nationwide with exclusive rights to Pure Maintenance's patented dry fog.  Together we represent more than 20,000 satisfied customers to date.

That is 20,000 lab results and 20,000 customers confirming that our system works. After each job, we send air quality mold test results to a third party-lab so you can see the confirmed results as well.  Studies, like the one, conducted by The Army Corps of Engineers not only show efficacy but show that air quality can continue to improve three months after we complete our work.

However, our exclusive approach goes beyond paper, and beyond past customer experiences.  We are so confident in our offering that if you don't feel like you got the health-improving effects that you expected, we will fog your home again, at no additional cost.

Get a Free Estimate and Initial Assessment:  So what will this cost?  Click "Schedule an Appointment" in the menu and get on a mold expert's schedule for a quick call. The technician will then come out to your home and provide a free estimate and initial assessment.   We are located in Lewisville, TX but we will come to your home or business in Carrolton, Flower Mound, Corinth, or anywhere in Denton and Dallas Counties.  For a full description of our service areas, see below.

Want to talk first? Fill out the form below, or click "schedule an appointment" in the menu to schedule an appointment. Or just give us a call...  (972) 486-9778.

Invite a Mold Expert to Conduct a Free Assessment

We are conveniently located in Denton County, serving Lewisville, Flower Mound, Carrolton, Denton and Dallas County.

Every mold remediation project is unique. Eliminating mold in your case may not require the same steps and processes as another home.  You can schedule a free assessment and estimate by scheduling time to speak with a Mold Expert directly on our calendar. You can also fill out the form below.  If you prefer to call, our number can be found at the bottom of the page.

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    Less Demolition

    If you are chronically and unexplainably sick, the reason could be Black Mold hidden in your walls.  We can quickly find moisture behind walls, and determine if this is the case. More importantly, we may be able to treat hidden mold, without requiring demolition.

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    More Affordable

    Traditional mold removal is costly because of the labor and reconstruction that is required.  Dry Fog can dramatically reduce the "tear-out" and the time required to get the job done, which means cost-savings for you.

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    Less Time

    We can complete an entire home in as little as four hours. This makes it easy to schedule a time to minimize the inconvenience you experience.  While you are at work for your home.  Or after closing for your business.

    5-star customer service

    24 More Mold Removal Testimonials

    I'm so grateful we found Mold Busters. We had mold in a room that we could not see. Alex performed a visual inspection and really didn't think we needed to perform an actual inspection. He took the time to educate me about what to look for. I requested an inspection anyway for peace of mind, since we had water intrusion in the past. He came back the next day to perform the test.

    After a week the lab results blew our minds. Not only was there a presence of mold but it was extremely high. The best part of dealing with Mold Busters is that the company can treat without having to break down the walls. We had the treatment and retest performed yesterday. We only had to be out of the home for 5 hours. Alex and Jess have been great to work with. They are honest and compassionate(no scare tactics). They are customer focused. Plus the treatment was affordable. Now we just wait for results from the lab. It feels great to know a company that can resolve these issues!

    Kathia D.
    Written on Housecall Pro

    Alex and Jess did an amazing job! Great customer service and great work! I would have left this review months ago, but I totally forgot. I would definitely recommend them to any friends or family that have mold problems or just want to make sure their house is clean of any viruses or bacteria to have peace of mind.

    Andrew C.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal


    Extremely helpful for giving us an understanding of what we are dealing with in our bathroom and how to resolve. They were so fast to come out and offer discounts for same day service. Although it is never fun to find mold in your home, they will help you feel as armed as possible to deal with the issue. Thank you!

    Shay W.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

    Written on Google Local Maps Listing

    Jessica was super responsive to my request for help and getting us scheduled. She also addressed any concerns I had right up front before the job was scheduled. Alex did a good job on the labor work of the mold remediation in our car. It had unknowingly crept in through damaged framework where rain water collected in the base of our trunk for quite some time.

    The problem did not become known until it was well beyond our ability to fix. Alex was knowledgeable, down to earth, and explained the process from start to finish. He also guaranteed the work by offering to return and fix it if we had any further issues after the treatment.

    Shay W.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    Thanks for the great service. 

    Rick T.
    Written on Housecall Pro

    I needed a bad Mold smell out of one of my units. They came, quoted a fair price, and executed to perfection. Thank you for all of your help, new tenant on the 1st!

    Greg T.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    Very professional and great company.Highly recommended!!

    Greg T.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    Alex and Jessica were very helpful and professional! If I ever need help with mold again I'll go back to Mold Busters.

    Nikki W.
    Written on Housecall Pro

    Very helpul and gave us quick reports and estimates on treatment. Prompt response.

    Nancy K.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    We had Mold Busters come to our home to do an air test on a small amount of growth on the AC vents. They took the air test and advised that they could do remediation themselves. After discussion with a few other mold companies, I found out by law, the company who tests is legally not allowed to also do remediation. Make sure you review laws before you pay a company to test and do remediation. It’s a conflict of interest. Other than that, Jessica and Alex are really nice... just too bad they tried to sell me remediation illegally.

    Suzanna W.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    Jessica R.'s reply

    How Suzanna! Mold companies who are licensed by TDLR do have to follow these rules. However, as explained to you, we are not licensed by TDLR because they require demolition, and we prove that demolition is not the answer for clean indoor air as it relates to mold. Texas licensing does require specific rules when it comes to mold remediation. When we started our business, we talked to Texas Licensing and asked them several questions and went through our process with them to make sure we are following the guidelines of not having a license correctly. They do not require us to have a license if the mold is less than 25 contiguous square feet (basically there has to be visible 5’ x 5’ of continually touching mold for it to meet the 25 contiguous square feet).

    In these cases, we legally have to refer it to a licensed mold remediation company. Other than that, there aren’t any other rules we have to follow. Because we are not held to TDLR standards, it is legal for us to do air samples and treat the same home. I apologize if you feel we did not provide you with accurate information. After doing research with TDLR and discover we are doing business legally, I would hope you might change your review since you mentioned you appreciated the service we did perform.

    They came back and cleared the air quality as soon as I called.

    Chandrasekar R.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    Good job and very nice

    Sharon M.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    Good, honest people.

    Edgar I.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    Awesome service. I would certainly recommend!

    Eralp A.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    wonderful people. prompt , courteous, and professional

    Lydia S.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    Very pleased.

    Dorothy H.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    Free estimates! Great customer service! Great product! The dry fog kills all mold, bacteria, and viruses so we have peace of mind moving in. Alex and Jessica and a great team! Easy to talk to and easy to work with.

    John A.
    Written on Housecall Pro

    I had a mold problem in my house. This company was great to work with and I'm very happy with the results.

    Cassandra Vera R.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    I had a mold problem in my house. This company was great to work with and I'm very happy with the results.

    Marinda W.
    Written on Thumbtack - Mold Inspection and Removal

    They were quick to respond to my request for appointment, available the same day and air samples were off that afternoon. I’m needing answers regarding mold and they just made this process quick and easy!

    Sheila B.
    Written on Housecall Pro

    These guys are wonderful! They took the time to answer all my questions before, during, and even after their services. They were respectful of my home and my husband and I. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!!!

    Heather W.
    Written on Housecall Pro

    Great experience, professional and knowledgable. Also non-touch process. Great service

    Kathia D.
    Written on Housecall Pro

    Super service! Friendly, efficient, neat. Great job!

    John A.
    Written on Housecall Pro

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    We remediate mold from homes, gyms, daycares, schools, government buildings, hotels, nursing homes, office parks, apartment complexes, and more throughout Dallas and Denton Counties.  Our sterilant is hospital grade and can take on the most extreme needs of our clients at the locations we service.

    Lewisville, TX

    Denton, TX

    Carrolton, TX

    Flower Mound, TX

    Dallas, TX


    How Do I Find Out If My Home Has Mold?

    Indicators to watch for are itchy eyes, and irritation each time your HVAC system turns on, or you are in a certain room. There are more serious health indicators such as consistent flare-ups of asthma,  a liver or kidney infection, chronic fatigue a diagnosis of emphysema, and even issues with your central nervous system. There are sensory indicators as well. Such as black spots on your walls, or a musty mildew fungal smell.

    Trapped moisture is the other major indicator.

    You coul have a broken pipe in Lantana, TX.  A flooded basement in Corinth. Pinholes in a copper pipe in your Carrollton, TX business.  The hydrostatic pressure of the slight damp basement walls in your Flower Mound, TX home.

    The culprit could be small roof leaks that build moisture in your attic.  Trapped or dormant humidity in crawlspaces or bathrooms in Lewisville. Or any other cause of excessive moisture.

    Any of these scenarios can, within 24 hours, provide dangerous mold the right conditions to multiply and emit their mycotoxins into the air.