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Mold Busters Lewisville is part of a national chain of more than 100 licensees, who have licensed the Pure Maintenance dry fog system.  Satisfied customers in homes, businesses, military, and the government now total more than 20,000.

We take pride in providing prevention and badly needed relief from the mycotoxins that dangerous molds emit.  Not just from mold, you can see, but hidden mold as well.

Before using Mold Busters' services, many of our customers tell us of the health effects they are experiencing.  Afterward, they feel relief through a reduction in symptoms, and in some cases become completely symptom-free.  This relief says it all!

But our process doesn't stop at relief.  We also offer a second dry fog which uses a different chemical formula.  After the first-step sterilant, we dry fog locations a second time, with the intention of creating an antimicrobial layer that kills new mold spores, bacteria, and viruses on contact, continuously, for more than 90 days following our initial service.  The Army Corp of Engineers tested this claim and documented that the military base we treated, experienced ongoing mold remediation benefits for months afterward.

Our solution is EPA and FDA approved for use in all 50 states.  Our technicians are certified mold remediators in Texas.

Affordable & Far More Effective

We love that our process has the ability to deliver dramatically better results at half the cost. Learn more at Mold Busters corporate.