Black Mold Makes Texas & National News

Black Mold, In High Enough Concentrations, Can Cause a Symptomatic Reaction

Eye Itching to Severe Complications for Those With Compromised Immune Systems. Become Informed To Understand How it Can Affect the Health of Your Family and Other Loved Ones.

Mold Causes Sinus Infections, Mol Busters Resolves Them

There isn't as much news as one would expect there to be about toxic molds like black mold. This is because it is so common to find mold growth in homes, businesses, and government facilities. Whether you live in Corinth, TX, Lewisville, TX, Dallas, TX, or anywhere else in Texas, chances are you have spent considerable time in close proximity to mold growth. As a result, your health has certainly been impacted to some degree.

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