Mold Remediation

Kill & Denature All Types of Mold

Mold remediation can be defined as narrowly as killing and disarming mold. More often the term is used to include mold removal, which is the physical removal of the mold and/or infected materials.

Mold Busters does both.

Where we shine far above the rest is in killing and denaturing all types of mold for 100X the surface area than others are able to.  We simply get better results for occupant health.

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100X the Surface Area Treated

Ultra Violet light is only effective where it shines.

Liquids are only as good as the surfaces they can reach.

Getting Mold off the premises through Demolition before killing it, spreads mold. It aims to only treat the visibly affected area.

Mold Buster's dry fog is back-pressured, pushing its way into every nook and cranny, including into porous furniture, rugs, mattresses, clothing, and drapes.

If you want the best. It's not even close.


More effective.


For less. 

New innovation that simultaneously delivers a better result, with less "downtime" and at a lower cost doesn't come around often.

Reduce labor, demolition, and reconstruction; and save.

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  • We dry fog your home twice
  • We use an EPA-registered, hospital-grade Sterilant for the first dry fog. Then us an FDA-registered, antimicrobial for the second fog.
  • The US Army Corsp of Engineers study showed that the antimicrobial continued to improve air quality 3 months after dry fogging was completed.
  • Kills all odors, all types of viruses and bacteria.
  • If your home has never had a total cleanse like this before, your air and surfaces will be healthier than the day after it was built.

Request an On-site or Virtual Inspection

No-cost inspection and estimate. $199 for Lab Tests, if needed.