Mold Testing

Quickly Find Out What's In Your Air

Mold Testing is critical if you are experiencing mold-related symptoms but can't see any mold. When a Mold Buster's Mold Inspector arrives they will take a sample of both your indoor and outddoor once they complete your free mold inspection. If more than two samples are necessary they will explain why.

For $199, our inspector will then send the indoor and outdoor benchmark samples to a third-party lab for testing. They will then email the results within three days.  Your mold inspector will then walk you through the report's results and discuss next steps.

Mold Swabbing

Mold Swab vs. Air Quality Test

There are two types of mold testing 1) surface swabbing, and 2) air sampling.

Air quality test is your only option if there is no visible mold.  However if you do have visible mold, a swab test can determine the exact mold growing at that swabbed location.  If your health is the primary concern, then one indoor air test is sufficient for most situations, as it detects all types of airborne mold spores. Whether they are being emitted mold you can or can't see. This is the comprehensive and recommended way to understand your building's health.

More tests may be necessary if there is more than one room or other location where you suspect mold could be growing.

When your Mold Buster's Inspector visits s/he will discuss whether you need one or both of the tests, and for how many locations.

What Do I Get with a Mold Test?

There are a number of potential benefits from getting a mold test:

  • Certain molds are considered safe to remediate yourself. If you knew that it was safe for you to handle yourself, and are willing to remediate the mold yourself, then the resulting cost savings alone would justifty a test
  • Different types of mold can require different protocols. A good mold remediation company will only prescribe protocols that are necessary. A company that doesn't could unecessarily cost you $1,000s
  • A mold test report is a requreiment to win an insurance claim; which could mean you pay nothing out of pocket
  • If you have been experiencing symptoms, knowing the exact type of mold spores that you have breathing will tell your doctor what the best treatment is to accelerate your recovery



Make Your Plan

By first defining and understanding the air quality in your building, you can make an educated decision on how to proceed.

If you know you have of an air quality problem, an air test may not be necessary.

If you are unsure, for $199 we will take one air sample from inside and one from outside your building ($50 for each additional sample) for analysis by a 3rd party lab.

We will then give you results and discuss the best course of action.

Request an On-site or Virtual Inspection

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