Water Damage Restoration Services

Mold Busters is a Mold Specialist Service That Works With Other Water Damage Restoration Companies Who do Water Extraction and Flood Clean Up

Partner Services

Mold Busters will send an emergency 24/7 water extraction company to your home. They will come with the necessary equipment to quickly extract any standing water. Call us now to get this taken care of immediately (972) 486-9778
Flooding creates permanent damage to sheetrock and other materials. This requires extensive demolotion. Something Mold Busters doesn't currently do. However it is in an owners best interest to work with a cleanup specialist and mold specialist to complete all the required steps to complete water damage restoration. Call us now to request a joint proposal (972) 486-9778
One of the last steps before mold removal is required is strucutral drying. However if sufficient strucutral drying is done quickly enough, then there may be no mold growht, and mold remediation will not be necessary. Call us now to get a referral to a company we know acts fast and will do a great job (972) 486-9778